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At the Mustard Seed...

  • We are a loving, Christian community for active adults with developmental disabilities.
  • We do not accept State or Federal funding (Medicaid/Medicare). Click here to see our tuition fees.
  • Families are responsible for ALL medical care.
  • Seedsters participate in a creative Ceramics Program and enjoy a range of recreational, social, and cultural activities supervised by staff both on and off campus.
  • To encourage family time for both Seedsters and staff, the Mustard Seed observes the following holidays: Good Friday through the following Monday, Memorial Day and the Saturday and Sunday before, Thursday through Sunday at Thanksgiving, and 2 weeks at Christmas. During these times, there are no activities on campus, and our group homes are closed.

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In addition, every month the Mustard Seed produces an activities calendar that details our activities schedule. To view our current activities calendar, click here.