The name of the Mustard Seed comes directly from the Bible. Matthew 17:20 says that “if ye have faith even as small as a grain of Mustard Seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move and nothing will be impossible to you.”
The Mustard Seed is a Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities. Founded in 1981 to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of adults with special needs, The Mustard Seed provides a loving and protected environment with meaningful activities which allow the “Seedsters” to fulfill the potential God has created within them. In 1980, The Mustard Seed founders began meeting in local churches to take steps towards the above goals. At an early meeting, God sent a music therapist, who organized a handbell choir, which has continued to perform in churches, schools, and civic organizations since 1981.
The founders of The Mustard Seed were few in numbers; however, these individuals were people with vision and faith. The founding members were parents of adults with developmental disabilities and others who saw the need for a Christ-centered ministry in the community. Prior to The Mustard Seed’s inception in 1981, many parents and guardians of adults with developmental disabilities had few options for the care of their loved ones. These visionaries knew that their special persons had great potential for growth and the right to their own life experiences.
Because of the faith and vision of these founders, The Mustard Seed was able to acquire a house on the present Luckney Road property in 1986 and opened the group home with one resident. As the vision grew, so did the workshop program. In September of 1989, in the group home storage room, The Mustard Seed began pouring ceramic green ware for Charter Hospital’s art therapy program. It has since grown and now accounts for more than 20% of The Mustard Seed’s yearly income. The “Seedsters” also take great pride in knowing that their talents touch the lives of so many throughout the community.
The Mustard Seed’s goal is to continue expanding its programs in order to touch and bless additional lives of adults with developmental disabilities. Since the start of the Bells of Faith Handbell Choir in 1981, The Mustard Seed has grown to include multiple group homes, a swimming pool, a gift shop, a ceramics studio and workshop, a multi-purpose activity center, classrooms that double as safe rooms, and administrative support for these programs and services.
God has blessed The Mustard Seed and is continuing to “move mountains” within this special needs community.