The Mustard Seed, Inc. will adhere to the following process for admitting and enrolling new clients.
All Potential Client Inquiries and Applications are only valid for 2 years.


1. Potential Client Inquiry must be submitted by a family member or guardian of the potential client to The Mustard Seed. During this inquiry phase, the family has an opportunity to get a general overview of The Mustard Seed’s program while conveying general information about the potential client to The Mustard Seed.

2. A visit to The Mustard Seed’s campus will be arranged for the family and potential client. This visit gives The Mustard Seed a chance to meet the potential client and for the family to get a more in-depth view of the program. These tours are set up for the first Thursday of each month at 1:30 PM. Your tour must be scheduled in advance through our Executive Director.

3. Upon completing the tour and visit, an Application for Admission to The Mustard Seed will be given to the family or guardian to complete in full and return to The Mustard Seed. This application must be received and reviewed by The Mustard Seed before moving forward with the Admission Process.

4. After reviewing the Application for Admission, The Mustard Seed will set up several half and full day visits for the potential client to spend in the day program. These visits will be at the discretion of the staff and will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for both The Mustard Seed and the family of the potential client.

5. If it appears that the potential client can thrive through the program and available resources of The Mustard Seed, the process will either move forward with enrollment, or if there is currently no availability, the potential client will be placed into a waiting pool of applicants.

6. Given that space is available, the enrollment process will begin. An additional Enrollment Package will be given to the family to be completed in full and returned to The Mustard Seed. Once this is returned, The Mustard Seed will set up a meeting to finish the admission process, including reviewing the Client Handbook, meeting with the Operations Director to establish a working business relationship, and answering any last questions for the family. At the end of this meeting, the start date will be set for the new Seedster to begin the program.