Meet the Seedsters
The Smiles Behind The Seed
July 18

Allen is quick to jump in to help the Staff move and arrange things.  He truly wants to be the best he can be in all that he does and pays strong attention to detail. Allen loves chocolate, puzzles, staying on schedule, and being outdoors. His favorite class at The Mustard Seed is the gardening class, where he loves to get his hands dirty.
November 29
Andy enjoys telling people about Bat Man and takes advantage of opportunities to enjoy the good life, eating and sleeping.. His gentle spirit and great attitude are ever present on the days he attends the day program. Andy also loves his animals!
February 18

Angie is the teeny-bop pop culture queen! She loves music and dancing and is always singing her favorite tunes from High School Musical.
 January 19

Benny is the first to greet volunteers as they arrive at The Mustard Seed. He is a social butterfly and loves making new friends almost as much as he loves fishing, Mississippi Braves baseball, and eating. Benny could eat all day and never gain a pound. If only we all were so lucky! Benny is just a good person. His outgoing attitude is refreshing and he can make even the grumpiest of people feel happy.
December 31
Mr. Bill is our oldest Seedster at 74 years young, loves everything Mississippi State related, and lives in our Men's Group Home. His favorite food is turkey, he hates watching tv, and he said he most looks forward to seeing his mother and father again in Heaven one day. Although he can’t hear without his hearing aids, his smile is the first to light up a room.
January 9

Blair enjoys art. He is a “born artist” who has a strong attention to detail and even keeps a database of images on his phone. Blair loves throwing the Frisbee, painting in neutral or darker colors, and only does one of a kind pieces. At 6 feet tall, Blair is a gentle giant and often gets alone with anyone he meets.

January 28

Caroline is a little on the shy side but catches everyone's attention with her sweet smile. She enjoys basketball, music, singing in the choir at church, and watching movies at The Seed, especially High School Musical to which she will dance, dance, dance to every song in the movie.
February 10

Charlie is very well respected by everyone he meets and has weekly roles at his home church where he is a valued member. He also volunteers at his brother's fire department in Madison.
February 22

Damian participates and enjoys being a part of the Mississippi Special Olympics. He enjoys good conversations with friends and family and is a great friend and wonderful listener.
Emily O.
February 27

Some of Emily's favorite things are Elsa, painting, chocolate, and her brother Justin. We asked Emily what she would say if she could choose one thing to tell the world. Her response was, "Do what is right, be nice, and do what God wants you to do."
Emily R.
October 6 

Emily is one of our newer Seedsters, but she’s quickly become a fun part of The Mustard Seed family. She loves country music, Duck Dynasty, the color teal, and Alan Jackson. Emily has a great baby doll collection, and is a friend to everyone she meets.

January 9

Erin represented Team USA in Bowling at the 2011 World Special Olympics in Greece. In addition to being a Mustard Seed Day Client, Erin works with her family at The Crawdad Hole.
January 1

Gabrielle loves poetry and writing songs. Her favorite song she has written is titled “There is A Greater Love.” She also loves ribs, the color pink, and her family. Her favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice even if it’s, as she says, “super, super, super long.” Gabrielle is one of a kind!

May 3

Heather loves camo and volunteering at Rideability, where she can pet and groom the horses. She loves her big brother, who serves in our military, and always has his dog-tag with her. She enjoys working at McAlister's Deli part-time, and also listening to country music. Full of spunk, Heather is easy to love.
May 1

Heidi is a joy to be around and is a true gift to the Mustard Seed. Heidi enjoys having her nails done, collecting fun jewelry, and shopping with friends and family.

September 9
James is one of those people who has never met a stranger. He loves watching reruns of 'Touched by an Angel' and 'Power Rangers' and is an avid Wii dancer.

November 12

Jane is an integral part of The Mustard Seed. Originally from Wisconsin, Jane loves colder weather and good cheese. She also helps teach French and Sign Language to the other Seedsters and is willing to help out in any capacity. She wears a lot of hats at The Mustard Seed, and we really appreciate her hard work ethic.

September 2

Janet has a sweet , laid back demeanor. She loves coloring, shopping, hanging out with the ladies, and anything quiet where she can observe others. She is always smiling and has such a sweet heart. She also loves to watch a good game of baseball.

April 17

Jay is one of the newer additions to The Mustard Seed family and he fits in here like a glove! He loves Ole Miss, playing pool or air hockey, playing basketball, and painting. Jay is extremely extroverted and he loves spending time with volunteers.

January 26

Jeff is a strong back and wonderful helper. He enjoys lending a hand to whomever he can. Jeff would literally give someone the shirt off of his back if he thought they needed it. Having been a resident of The Mustard Seed for almost 30 years, Jeff is one of our biggest ambassadors and always talks highly of his home here!

September 6

Originally from Delwood, Jerry now resides in our Men's Group Home and spends his time dancing, entertaining visitors, and hanging out with his best friend Stevo. Jerry loves Justin Bieber, recycling, and BBQ (which he claims he could eat for every meal). We love Jerry!

September 20

Joseph is always willing to help a staff, Seedster, or volunteer. He is a men’s group home resident but also enjoys hunting and fishing with family when at home.

May 12

Kristy is our Mustard Seed 80's music guru. When Kristy isn't jamming out to 80's music, she can be found in her favorite class, iPad class, or painting. Her favorite food is chile rellenos and she loves talking about her sister Hope and brother Danny.

August 26

Linda loves crafts, especially beading and sand art. However, not as much as she loves eating cauliflower and broccoli! In her spare time, she loves to paint and watch hummingbirds with her sister, Pat.


December 29

In her spare time, Lindsay’s favorite thing to do is watch Full House or read comedy books filled with knock-knock jokes. She has a knock-knock joke for every day of the week and loves Joey Gladstone off of Full House almost as much as she loves playing the piano and praying.

September 5

Logan is a resident of the women’s group home, but also enjoys spending time at home with her parents, siblings and niece and nephew. Logan’s sweet personality spreads smiles to everyone around.

Mary Claire
January 11

Mary Claire loves walking on the treadmill, Christmas, puppets class, and Greg Page. Her favorite song in the world is “This is Me” by Demi Lovato. When asked what is one thing she would like someone else to know about her, Mary Claire said, “that I love them.” We love Mary Claire!

Matthew D.
January 22

Matthew is an avid pool player, and he absolutely LOVES music and television! He is a huge fan of Bob Barker from the “Price is Right”, and his favorite movies (to name a couple) are: “Christmas with the Kranks” and “The Lion King.” Did we mention he also loves Carrie Underwood??

Matthew N.
May 25

Matthew loves swimming in the pool, painting ceramics with his signature orange, blue, and yellow colors, and preaching. Matthew knows the Bible by heart, and it shows. He is a true inspiration to all of us here at The Mustard Seed, and we hope to be more like him.

December 8

Megan is one-of-a-kind. She loves Weight Watchers, her best friends Logan and Sarah, and helping out in our workshop. In her spare time, Megan enjoys learning German and coloring. She is truly brilliant and can help with just about any task. We love Megan!

November 16

Michele is famous for the Angels she paints on every one of her ceramics. She loves rings, bracelets, and other jewelry and is also known for keeping everything around her neat and tidy.

October 21

Rebecca enjoys reading about the Jonas Brothers and the latest on the Berenstain Bears. Rebecca lives with her parents and likes spending time with her 2 sisters and 4 nieces/nephews.


November 10

Royce is one of the newest members of The Mustard Seed family. He is full of life, loves football and basketball, and also loves algebra, which he claims was his favorite subject in school. He’s 21-years-old, and said that he likes being a good influence to his nieces and nephews.


April 20

Russ enjoys a laid back lifestyle and enjoys sitting down for a good glass of milk. One of Russ’ best qualities is that he savors every moment of life, not missing any of the small stuff.

Sarah A.
March 23

Sarah is a natural leader and a good friend to each Seedster. Her honest and kind spirit is contagious. When not at the Mustard Seed, Sarah enjoys riding horses.

Sarah S.
April 3

Sarah is living proof of the quote "though she is but little, she is fierce." At a little over 4 feet tall, Sarah is a feisty bundle of fun. She keeps everyone laughing! She speaks often of her sisters and her love for Weight Watchers. When asked to describe herself, Sarah replied that she is "one hot mama."

August 8

Savannah’s ceramics are always bright and often include smiley faces, reflecting her personality. She is a true patriot and deeply loves and supports our troops through prayer, patriotic ceramics, and hand-made cards. She loves wearing camo and listening to Toby Keith.

February 21

Steve-o, as he is affectionately known by family, friends and Seedsters, enjoys helping at his Church. He also loves to sing country music and can be spotted dressed as Santa during December.

July 3

Web has a steady hand and enjoys working on the ceramic wheel. He helps the Staff stock supplies and keeps a close eye on things that need to be done. Web has a gentle voice and big heart.

November 5

Will loves painting and coloring, possibly even more than he loves snacking on salsa. Will’s ear for music and the piano keeps the staff and Seedsters entertained at the Mustard Seed.

November 18

William loves the hot summer days when he can do jump after jump into the Mustard Seed swimming pool. He loves to dance and is quite good at the “shimmy”.